May 27, 2020

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the name of our Lord! I am excited that Jefferson County goes green this Friday and so I invite you to in-person worship this Sunday, May 31, at 8:15 AM or 10:35 AM. There will be no coffee fellowship or Sunday School yet. We want to open up wisely and with caution.

If anyone has any symptoms or feels under the weather, please worship at home. If you do not feel comfortable attending a public gathering, please worship at home as well. We will love you just the same.

We will skip every other pew and encourage those not from the same family to sit 6 feet apart. For instance, a husband and wife can sit on one end of the pew and another couple can sit on the other end of the pew and maintain 6 feet in between. We recommend wearing masks since we have many at risk individuals in our congregation and sometimes we will pass in hallways or the aisle of the sanctuary.

Offering plates will not be passed. An offering basket will be placed at the front and back of the sanctuary. Hand sanitizer will also be placed at the front and back of the sanctuary. Doors will be open so that you do not have to touch a door latch to enter or leave. We will be cleaning the pews and the bathrooms between services.

It is recommended that we not use hymnals and pew Bibles so as not to pass germs on these surfaces. Bring your own Bible from home and use the words on the screen to help sing the hymns. We will not be offering a nursery since that would create a high-risk situation. We will not be offering Baptism or Holy Communion at first.

We love you and I am excited to anticipate seeing some smiling faces at worship. I encourage hand-sanitized fist bumps instead of handshakes. If someone is not comfortable with fist bumps, do not take it personally. We need to give each other space to be comfortable recognizing there are different levels of comfort during these times. Smiles still bridge the gaps!

We are on a journey together so let love for one another be our guide. I praise God that there have been no new cases in Jefferson County since May 6. I praise God for your faithfulness to God’s kingdom work throughout this time. It has been wonderful! But I can’t wait until we can worship and celebrate that there have been no new coronavirus cases in a month in the state of Pennsylvania. Keep praying and wash your hands.

In Christian Love,

Pastor Chuck