Welcome to Evangelical United Methodist Church

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Hello!  Thank you for visiting and exploring our website.  We look forward to getting to know you.  Please, feel free to contact us if you have questions, and we warmly welcome you to come and check out what Evangelical UMC community is all about. 

If you are a person who isn’t perfect and sometimes finds life challenging, you will find good company among people who value each other without demanding perfection in each other.  We believe strongly that all of us are on a journey of growing.  God’s love for the world along with the life and teachings of Jesus inspire us to lives of greater meaning through active compassion for ourselves and an active compassion for all.

If you are a person or family looking for friendship and opportunities to make a difference, come with your unique gifts, vision, and passion for the greater good.  Let’s see what will come forth as we encourage each other in life, have fun, listen for the Spirit’s call, and put love into action.  We have a variety of opportunities to worship, learn, grow spiritually, hang out together, and serve to meet true need.  We, also, know that every person who joins in brings new possibilities because of who he or she is. 

If you are a person who believes that Christian faith is more about the quality of how we relate and care for each other, those who are marginalized, and the wider world; then come as you are.   Blue jeans and boots, suits and ties, slacks and tennis shoes, dresses, uniforms, or work clothes – it’s all good.   If you wake up late and all you can manage is to throw on some wrinkled clothes or perhaps your kids have their own unique style, relax.  It’s all good.  You and your connection with God is what’s important.

We would be honored to be your community of faith and enriched by your presence.