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Our History

In the years preceding 1872, several families of Evangelical (German pieticists) folk who had settled in the Brookville area gathered in one another's homes for praise and prayer. When Rev. Henry Rhoades came to transact some business at the courthouse he was detained. He preached at Brother Amos Hinderliter's house beyond Tunnel Hill each night that he was there. When he left Brookville he advised Rev. Woodhull of the Worthville Circuit, about the need for services in Brookville. Rev. Woodhull held services at intervals until the conference of 1872. That fall, Rev. J.J. Carmany was made associate pastor with Rev. Woodhull; the two served here during his first year in the ministry.

In 1874, the conference planned for a foundation to be laid for a church building on Tunnel Hill. It was determined this was not a good location and the church was located on Pickering Street instead. It was one block south of the covered bridge across Red Bank Creek.

The Memorial Evangelical Church was dedicated on December 5th, 1976. The cost of the lot, materials and labor was $4,890. That first year the Memorial Church added 96 new members to the congregation.

In 1884, it was decided that a parsonage was needed. The lot next to the church was purchased and a parsonage was erected.

In 1889, the Sunday School enrollment was reported as 111 with average attendance of 70 persons. By 1899, the Sunday School enrollment was 193 with an average attendance of 85.

The Ladies Aid Society was organized about 1886. The first Women's Missionary Society was organized about 1899.

During the pastorate of Rev. P.D.Steelsmith (1895-1899), and because of a difficulty in church polity and discipline, the Memorial Church building was lost. It was bought by Lewis Brocious and torn down in 1901.

The Evangelical Church on Madison Avenue was dedicated on October 7, 1997. Through all these years from 1872 until 1927 the church was concidered a mission church. In the annual coference session of 1927 the congregation requested to be concidered a charge. It was approved as a self supporting charge after 54 years as a mission.

In 1936, the 65th aniversary was held and a parsonage fund was established with a goal of $650. Nearly $800 was raised. Plans were made to buy the house east of the church building to provide more room. A bell was donated from the old Union Church at Conifer and the men installed it. In 1938 the congregation voted to buy the house and lot for $2000.

The parsonage was purchased for $4500 in 1942.

Gilbert Shilling was recommended to preach by the congregation and was liscensed by the annual conference in Johnstown. He was probably the first young man to be recommended to preach from the congregation. Since Then there have been numerous pastors, district superintendents and General Conference delegates to come from this congregation.

Rev. & Mrs. Perry Pyle (1935-1945) organized the Little Village Choir who sang over the airwaves on WCED in Dubois and WMRF in Lewistown.

A new church building fund was launched at the 73rd Aniversary in 1945.

In 1946 the Evangelical Church merged with the United Bretheren in Christ becoming the Evangelical United Bretheren.

The lot on south White Street was purchased and a ground breaking was held on June 13, 1954.

The cornerstone was laid on December 5, 1954 in a ceremony by Rev. W.G.Hawk (D.S.) and pastor Rev. S. Clay Shaffer. There is a video recording of this event held in the church archives. The new church fund had grown to $65,000 by this time.

The First Evangelical United Brethren Church was dedicated on September 22, 1957, by bishop J.Gordon Howard, assisted by district superintendents W.G.Hawk and H.J.Fisher, and pastor Rev. Wm.M.West (1956-1959).

The Pastor's Study was completed in November 1962. The youth floor completed by September 20, 1964 the 92nd aniverary of the church.

The morgage burning was held on September 19, 1965, while the new church spire was erected and dedicated on October 23, 1966, Rev. Robert Birkebile was Pastor (1959-1967). Rev. Birkebile was a verteran of WWII having served in the 5th Armored Division under Gen. Omar Bradley. He was a survivor of "the Battle of The Bulge" in France.

The Evangelical United Brethren Church merged with the Methodist Church in 1968 to become the United Methodist Church.The congregation chose the name the Evangelical United Methodist Church to identify with the long history of the Evangelical Church in Pennsylvania.

Rev. Arnold A. Rhodes a member of EUMC became an Elder under Bishop Howard in 1968 prior to the Union. Rev. Rhodes became the Kane district superintendent 1994-2000 and retired in 2007.

Rev. Loye D. Starzell, son of Calvin & Ruth Startzell and a member of EUMC, was a student pastor at the time of the Union in 1970. He ordained a deacon 1972 and an Eder under Bishop Roy Nichols in 1976. His wife Joyce, daughter of Rev. Wm. M. West ,(1956-1959, ) joined him in faithfully serving many churches from 1965 to 2002, including nearby Punxsatawney Grace.

In 1972, when the church was 100 years old, the loan for the completion of the church was paid. The celebration included our first United Methodist Bishop Roy Nichols and pastor Rev. Ivan Thompson (1967-1975).

Under the ministries Rev. Robert Birkebile and  of Rev. Ivan Thompson numerous young men and women commited their lives to service in the kingdom of God. Of those pastor Rev. Michael Garvey, Mr. Steve McPherson (grandson of Rev. Perry Pyle 1935-1945) , Lt. Col. Rev. Glenn McQuown U.S. Military Chaplian and Prison Chaplian at S.C. I. Forrest, and Rev. Larry Alton Reitz.

Rev. Reitz, son of Alton & Alice Reitz was ordained an Elder in 1981 by Bishop Ault. Rev. McQuown was  also ordained an elder by Bishop Ault in 1984. Rev. Garvey served as pastor and missionary in other denominations for years until returning to faithfully serve serval local United Methodist Churches as their pastor. Steve McPherson trained to lead others through lay witness mission, went on to serve as youth leader for the Indiana district as well as a missionary to young people at the Scarlet Cord Teen Center for over 25years.

Plans were made for the new parsonage in 1979 on the property located south west of the church at the cost of $130,000. It was completed in 1980.

In 1986 a major restortion project was undertaken at the cost of $125,000. The portico was removed and a concrete slab foundation was replaced, side walks were laid, the stones were numbered and replaced. The roof and steele were repaired.

The downstairs carpet was replaced in 1992 at the cost of $9,400. That year the United Methodist Women purchases two stoves for the kitchen. The basemet doors were replaced in 1992 and 1993. All these renovations took place prior to the damaging flood of July 19, 1996. Rev. Bob Siple was pastor (1991-1997). The congregation jumped into action removing many objects from the basement before the water flooded; breaking windows, doors and flooding everything under two feet from the ceiling. There is a plaque noting the high water mark over seven feet off the floor. A complete remodel of the basement was necessary once the mud and debris was removed.

A Time to Remember and Give Thanks to God celebration was held on July 19, 1997 shortly after the new pastor Rev. Robert Zilhaver (1997-2003) was appointed to Evangelical UMC.

On November 16, 1997, at the 125th anniversary celebration , Bishop George Bashore was here with Rev. Robert Zilhaver to rededicate the basement to the glory of God and to consecrate the furnishings for the use of His purposes.

In 1999, under the leadership of the youth ministry leaders Steve and Wendy McPherson, Rev. Jerrad Peterman and his wife Becky entered ministry and began pastoring in Port Barnett.

That same year the parking lot was sealed and a new roof was placed on the parsonage. A slick salesmen talked Rev. Zilhaver into paving a portion of the upper parking lot. Thinking this work was to be done for free Rev. Zilhaver quickly agreed only to recieve a bill for over $2500. Thus the road was name "Zilhaver Way."

In 2001, the church partnered with a sister church in India built their first church building. In 2002-2003 planing began for a mission trip to Paraguay. Jim & Christy (nee.McPherson)McNutt traveled to Paraguay to help plan the mission trip. 19 members  went on this trip in August of 2003. The Rev. Andrew Spore was the new pastor at that time.

Laura Zilhaver was elected in 2003 to attend the General Coference. This was the first layperson elected from the congregation to attend General Conference along with her Father Rev. Zilhaver.

The Vision and Mission statement was drafted in 2004 and plans for a second trip to Paraguay were made.

In 2005, the congregation send a team of 12 member along with their present pastor Rev. Timothy McConville (2005-    ) to Mississippi for a recovery effort after the devastations to the coastal region of Mississppi following Huricane Katrina. Over $4000 was sent to help in the relief efforts.

In 2006, fifteen members traveled to Alaska to put a roof on the North Star United Methodist Church in Nikiski, Alaska.

In 2007, Rev. Seth Mcpherson, a member of the Evangelical UMC and a grandson of Rev. Perry & Ruth Pyle (1935-1945) and son of Steve and Wendy McPherson, was ordained Elder in Western Pa Annual Conference.

In 2007, the church celebrated 135th aniversary and 50th aniversary of the sanctuary with special services and a picnic in September. In honor of the event the congregation offered 136 boxes, one for every year of ministry, to be sent to Lt. Col. Rev. Glenn McQuown who was stationed in Irag at the time for distribution among the troops. The work on the portico, Mr. Jack Wells, the installation of the flag pole and church sign were made possible by the generous gift from Lawrence and Hezel Reitz.

In 2008 a third mission trip was planned for Paraguay. This five of our members traveled with Volunteers in Mission to bring otherd from the conference churches to meet Bishop Pablo Mores.

The hospital in Paraguay was in crisis of being seized by the government. The congregation raised $18,000 for the redemption of this property.

Under the leadership of Toni Tosh the youth took a mission trip to New York in 2009. That year the trustees began a parkinglot fund for a repair project.

In 2010, the church kitchen was remodeled with a new stove and vent system.

It was obvious the parking lot was in need of resurfacing. Jefferson Paving Company of Brookville completed the project that summer. The congregation raised $75,000 for this project and for is sealing coat two years later.

In 2012, Mrs. Vicki Stalhman, member and daughter of Elsie Love, was elected by the laity of the W.Pa. Annual conference to attend the North East Jurisdictional conference of the United Methodist Church. She attended General Conference also with Rev. Zilhaver, Rev. Seth McPherson, and district superintendent Rev.Sharon Schwab.

A new fund was established for the replasement of the church furnace which has survived the flood of 1996, for the installation of a lift to create handicap access between the first floor basement to the santuary level, and for a video projector permanently installed from the ceiling of the sanctuary.

The furnace was installed by Mr. Tim Milford prior to the winter of 2012. By February and March the fuel was the lowest it had been in many years.

The congregation continues to grow faithful followers of our Lord Jesus Christ. Will you be the world changer to enter our history books to the glory of God.